Adventures of the Gummi Bears Wiki

These are all of the spells from the Great Book of Gummi, as used by Zummi Gummi. The letters U and M are used in each word. It’s like pig latin for Gummis. The last two were used with the magical Gummi Statue for transportation.

1. The Upside-Down spell (Tummern Ummup Summide Dummown). It is used to turn people and objects upside down.

2. The Small Fireworks spell (Spummar Kumle Lumights Pumair)

3. The Speed Spell (Spumeed Ummup Nummow). It is used to make people run faster. It was used on Tummi Gummi.

4. The Slow Spell (Slummow Dummown Nummow). The opposite counter spell.

5. The Floating Milk Spell

6. The Dropping Milk Spell

7. The Locking Spell.

8. The Unlocking Spell.

9. The Flame Shoot Spell

10. The Lamp Lighting Spell

11. The Shrinking Barrel Spell

12. The Growing Barrel Spell

13. The Please And Thank You Spell

14. The Please And Thank You Counter-spell

15. The Shrinking Gummis Spell

16. The Enlarging Gummis Spell

17. The Invisibility Spell (Tumerm Umin Vumis Uma Bunin). This was the first spell Zummi used in the series premiere to turn Gruffi Gummi invisible.

18. The Fruit Multiplying Spell

19. The Counter-spell to the Trifle Fruit

20. The Snow Spell

21. The Counter Snow Spell

22. The Floating Spell

23. The Bring Armor To Life Spell

24. The Make Armor Fall Apart Spell

25. The Turn Something Into A Monster Spell

26. The Shrinking Spell

27. The Disappearing Spell

28. The Wind Spell

29. The Magical Gummi Statue Spell