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The Ursalia Horn is an item that appeared in Adventures of the Gummi Bears.


The Ursalia Horn is a giant horn located in the ancient Gummi capital of Ursalia that can cause major destruction with a single blow. Ursa, in her desire for revenge against the humans who drove the Barbics from their home, sought out this weapon, intent on wiping out the entire human race, though not knowing what the weapon looked like. It was accidentally discovered by Buddy and Sunni, who used it to warn the other Gummis of an attack by Igthorn and his ogres. The weapon caused damage throughout Ursalia, causing Igthorn to temporarily flee. Despite Zummi's insistence that the weapon was too powerful to control and should never be used, the Barbics sought to use it against humans by any means necessary. This lead to a drawn-out battle between the two Gummi clans over control of the weapon before Igthorn captured Buddy and Sunni and demanded the weapon as ransom for their return. The Gummi's brought the weapon out of the city to Igthorn, who predictably reneged on his promise to return the cubs. The Gummis then launched a surprise attack from within the horn, retrieved the cubs and defeated Igthorn. Then, finally realizing that the weapon was too powerful, Ursa ordered it dismantled, never to be used again.


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