Tall Tales of The Gummi Bear

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The Tall Tales of The Gummi Bear is a small story book about the Gummi Bears which appeared in the episode "Light Makes Right".


It contained some information and the possible location of the great Gummiscope. At one point Duke Igthorn owned a copy of this book. Recalling the power of the Gummiscope, he snuck into Dunwyn Castle and entered the ruins of his childhood home to recover the copy. Getting what he wanted, he escaped, but not before being spotted by Unwin and Cavin. Igthorn kept the page about the Gummiscope, disposing of the rest of the book. Cavin was suspicious about Duke Igthorn's interest in a children's book and decided to take his concerns to Zummi Gummi. Zummi was perplexed, and Gruffi denounced the book as useless as some human wrote it. However, Grammi figured it was important if Igthorn would take a risk like infiltrating Dunwyn, and Cubbi revealed he also owned a copy. Cubbi presented his intact book and the Gummis then figured how to locate the long-lost Gummiscope.

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