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Sir Gallant

Sir Gallant was a Gummi knight who passed away a long time ago. He was not able to rest until his quest was completed. With the help of Cubbi, he completed his task and left his Gummi necklace with Cubbi to retell his tale.



Sir Gallent was an elderly Gummi knight who was ordered by the Great Gummis to dismantle the Doomsday Clock, a device created by Zorlock that could cause total destruction. However, he passed away before his quest was complete, and would not be allowed to rest until his spirit could aid a living Gummi knight to continue the quest. One day Cubbi came across his tombstone. As Cubbi had been commissioned a Gummi knight, Sir Gallent's spirit was released, and only Cubbi could see his ghost. Cubbi was aided by an amulet given by the Great Gummis, which served as a compass that glowed brighter the closer they got to the Doomsday Clock. Cubbi also was taught important lessons of knighthood by Sir Gallent, such as not using Gummiberry juice until the point of true need or that being a knight is not just thrill-seeking. Cubbi helped Sir Gallent in his quest, and Sir Gallent's ghost could now be at rest, but he left Cubbi with the amulet compass as proof that his quest was a true story.


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