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Rotocelli is a one-time character and antagonist from Adventures of the Gummi Bears. He only appeared in the episode "Color Me Gummi".


He was an artist who longed to show his art was without peer. After Cavin brought one of Gusto Gummi's lifelike paintings, Cavin had to tell King Gregor that he painted it. Rotocelli was envious, and sought to find the truth behind it all.

When Rotocelli got his hands on a painting Cavin had made, he rushed to tell King Gregor about Cavin being a fraud. Cavin downed a vial of Gummiberry Juice and shook the carpet Rotocelli was on, launching him into the air and causing the painting to come down on him. When Gregor awoke, Rotocelli tried to explain that a Gummi Bear painted the portrait, but Gregor only saw Rotocelli as a thief and a vandal, since Cavin's painting was now ruined. Gregor banished Rotocelli from the kingdom.


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