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New Gumbrea is a kingdom in Adventures of the Gummi Bears.


During the Great Gummi Exodus, when the alliance between Gummi Bears and humans faltered, Gummi Glen was evacuated before an inevitable war happened. A Gummi navy aided in the evacuation, where three groups set sail in ships set off in different directions towards three new lands named Berryborn, Great Bearton and New Gumbrea. A fourth group of Gummis, much smaller than the rest, elected to stay behind in secret to care for Gummi Glen as well as signal the Gummis when it was safe to return. It was unknown if Great Bearton or Berryborn were successfully colonized; however when Zummi Gummi and the others used the Gummi Scope to signal the kingdoms, they confirmed contact with New Gumbrea.

New Gumbrea is the new home of the Great Gummies, located across the Atlantic Ocean. The land is inhabited by thousands of Gummies.


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