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King Gregor is the kind ruler of Dunwyn Castle. He is the father of Princess Calla and was voiced by Michael Rye.



The King of Castle Dunwyn. He is a good king who cares greatly about the problems of his people. He protects them from villains like Igthorn, and takes great charge in battle. His pride and joy is his daughter, Calla, whom he would do anything for. When Gregor discovered his daughter's formidable self-taught fighting skills skills when he inadvertently challenged her to personal combat in disguise, he was deeply impressed with that aspect of her as well.

He is unaware that Gummi Bears live in Dunwyn and have helped defend his kingdom, despite actually meeting the Gummis on multiple occasions, such as when Grammi and Sunni tried to warn him of a wild animal, the beast turns on Grammi, causing King Gregor and Sir Tuxford to have to save Grammi in danger.


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