Gummiberries are a special kind of fruit that the Gummis harvested for many years. A recipe for Gummiberry Juice was passed down for generations. Grammi Gummi is the current maker of the beverage. The ingredients are six handfuls of of red berries, four oranges ones, three purple ones, four blue ones, three green ones and a yellow one. Next you stir slow to the left, then stir slow to the right, then bang the pot to get out the bubbles. Drinking a small portion of gummiberry juice gives Gummi bears the ability to bounce, but it grants humans and ogres super strength. Either way, it’s temporary, as it wears off after a while. In the case of humans, it can only be used once a day. Drinking too much has unforeseen side effects. Toadwart found this out the hard way when he drank a whole barrel full and took of like a rocket all the way back to Drekmore.


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