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The Gummi Flying Machine is a plane featured in the television show the Adventures of the Gummi Bears.


The flying machine was first built and used by the ancient gummi bears. Zummi found the machine in the old tunnels of Gummi Glenn. Gruffy and Zummi restored it until it was able to fly again. The machine used Gummiberry Juice as it's fuel.

In the episode "A Gummi in a Gilded Cage", Sunni was kidnapped by a flock of ugly bird-like creatures known as Carpies, whose king wanted her for a song bird. The Gummis use the flying machine to get to the top of the mountain and rescue her, all while Zummi must deal with his acrophobia and Gruffi's insistence that "Gummis were not meant to fly". The Carpies damaged the flying machine causing it to crash which destroyed. The Gummi's used the wings like a glider to return home.


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