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Grumpi, er, Gruffi Gummi

Gruffi Gummi is an old-fashioned bear who prefers to do things "the Gummi way", and the de facto leader of the Gummi Glen Gummis. An extremely skilled craftsman and mechanic, he is the one that fixes the old Gummi technology and trapdoors, as well as building traps around the glen to deal with humans and ogres.


When it comes to building and using tools, he is a perfectionist, which can lead to his undoing. In the first episode, he was distrustful of Cavin, but later on in the same episode, he unknowingly admitted that he secretly liked him. However, in other cases, Gruffi is respected as the voice of stability and practical solutions when the other Gummis fall into despair. Gruffi was voiced by Bill Scott up until his death, and Corey Burton for the rest of the series.


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