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Gritty is a character from the animated television show Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears. He is voiced by Peter Cullen.



Tough and strong and Ursa's right hand bear, Gritty knows all about roughing it up and is always up for adventure. He is also proud of the fact that he does not need machinery to do work; his brute strength and muscles are all he needs to do his work. Gritty doesn't like to use Gummiberry Juice (due to his first time using it he didn't know how to stop and just bounced uncontrollably until it wore off) but he does see a need for it on occasion. He's quite fond of Cubbi, who idolizes Gritty. Despite his rough exterior, Gritty is often jolly and friendly around other Gummies.

Gritty hated humans due to humans destroying his tribe's home, forcing them to move to Ursalia, and his hatred got the better of him in harassing some shepherds, which led to a lot of trouble for him and Cubbi, as well as Gruffi, Ursa, and Sir Thornberry. He learned his lesson after seeing the consequences his misdeeds had on others because he'd acted on hatred and secretly herded the shepherds' sheep and returned them.


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