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Duke Sigmund Igthorn is the main villain of the series. Sigmund was voiced by Michael Rye, who also voiced King Gregor.


He is the evil, irascible, vengeful and power-crazed ruler of Castle Drekmore. He hunts the Gummis with the aid of his ogre army to gain possession of the gummiberry juice. His constant attempts to conquer Castle Dunwyn fail typically do to the overestimation of his tactical skills, the bearishness of his ogres and the intervention of the Gummi Bears. Once the greatest knight in Dunwyn, he was exiled for conspiring against King Gregor and found refuge in Castle Drekmore. Duke Igthorn has a big (and alas unrequited) crush on Lady Bane. His brother Sir Victor Igthorn fights wrongdoings as his antithesis. It is implied in some episodes that Duke Igthorn had a father who also conspired to conquer Dunwyn and thus raised his son in that mindset.



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