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Chummi Gummi is a minor character from the show.


Chummi is the last Gummi from Gummerset, having outlived the other Gummis of his colony when he grew up, due to being the youngest. He traveled to Gummi Glen with his airship to find the hundreds of Gummies in Gummi Glen, but only found six. He easily befriended them all but was most fond of Cubbi due to relating to the youngster of being the youngest among his peers. Realizing the possibility of Cubbi becoming to last gummi of Gummi Glen, Chummi offered to take all the Gummi Glen Gummis to New Gumbrea in his airship. His generous offer was initially accepted. Eventually, however, the Gummis eventually realized that they did not want to leave. Only Cubbi chose to make the journey, hoping to be trained as a Gummi knight.

During the journey, Chummi's airship was taken down by Duke Sigmund Igthorn who sought to use it as a war machine. Thankfully, with the Gummis of Gummi Glen, Chummi got his airship back and they thwarted Igthorn's scheme. By this time, Cubbi had decided against leaving and returned home. Chummi continued his journey over the ocean to New Gumbrea, promising to inform the Great Gummis about the existence of the Gummi Glen Gummis.



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