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Aquarianne is a mermaid who appears in the eighth episode of the third season of Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears, in the section titled "Water Way to Go".


Aquarianne has a tail whose scales cover her like a moderately-conservative evening gown, wholly covering her torso and breasts and forming a finned decolletage about her lower neckline. Increasing the busyness of this neckline is a necklace adorned with scallop shells and a conch shell which she uses as a very important whistle.

The rest of Aquarianne's appearance suggests that she is accustomed to a somewhat sheltered existence, for her features are somewhat childlike. Her human parts are softly shaped, her long blonde hair is naturally downy and voluminous, and her gentle eyes suggest both intelligence and innocence.


If ever a character could be described as "cautiously adventurous", it is Aquarianne. A great deal of mystery surrounds her, beginning as soon as she is found washed up on the beach, but she always carries herself with an air of quiet, gentle confidence, even when frightened or despairing. Like dolphins and other cetacean nonhuman persons, Aquarianne is altruistic and will swiftly rescue anyone she perceives to be drowning, regardless of species or general bent towards good or evil. Unfortunately, this impulsive kindness often leaves her vulnerable.

Fortunately, Aquarianne has Finwithit - a massive sea creature easily 20-30 feet long - to come to her rescue. It is unknown whether he was assigned to be her guardian by her merfolk society or if they met in some other manner, but Finwithit is a companion whom Aquarianne has come to depend upon very much. Finwithit provides a little intriguing insight into Aquarianne's world, for despite her adventurous innocence she is acutely aware of her nigh-helplessness on land and is swift to call upon his aid; nevertheless, Aquarianne never abuses this privilege and clearly cares about Finwithit deeply.

Aquarianne's attitude toward the surface world is somewhat unique among depictions of mermaids. She is, of course, not a predacious monster like so many mermaids seen in recent years, but neither is she quite so much like Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid as other mermaids of years past. She may look like a classic animation of said mermaid, but she harbors no preconceptions about surface life and is prepared to defend herself against threats therefrom. This makes her easily-influenced - as Sunni so swiftly discovered - but it does not dampen her heroic and kind spirit.


Being a mermaid, Aquarianne possesses some special abilities not possessed by normal humans.

  • Mermaid Swimming: Having a mermaid tail, Aquarianne is capable of swimming more swiftly and efficiently than an equivalent creature with legs (that is why the legs and feet of whales and dolphins evolved into tails with flukes).
  • Aquatic Empathy: Aquarianne has the ability to speak or otherwise communicate with aquatic animals, though this may extend only to cetaceans. Not only does she communicate with Finwithit via her conch-shell whistle and speak with him as though he can understand her, but she also is able to enlist the aid of dolphins as mounts and companions.


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